Easy Hole Saw Woodworking Projects

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Easy Hole Saw Woodworking Projects

Looking for hole saw woodworking projects? We’ve put together a list of easy projects that can be done without too much experience using these drill bits. Also known as hole bits, hole saws are hollow, round bits with a jagged cutting edge. Arbors are used along with the bits, with centring tips made to keep the cutting edge in place as you work. They can be used to cut smooth, clean holes into plastic and thinner metals. For woodworking, however, these bits are especially versatile. Whether you’re making holes in wood or enlarging existing holes, the accuracy of hole bits along with their design helps to make perfect holes without using excessive pressure. 

What can you make using this handy bit? For starters, you can have a look at our simple, beginner-friendly woodworking projects for hole saws.

Hole Saw Woodworking Projects for Beginners

For these projects, you will need a Standard or Fast-Cutting Bi-Metal hole saw, along with a Standard Shank Arbor. You’ll need to choose a saw and arbor in the right size for the hole you need to make. A good way to make sure you have the right size is to buy a few different sizes so that you’ll have a few to choose from once you start working. You’ll also need a good-quality drill. You can use your cordless drill for these projects. Ready to get started? Here are just a few woodworking projects you can do with the help of your hole saw. 

Wine holder

Using a larger hole bit, and a large block of wood, you can make a wine rack. You can enlarge holes using a wood spade bit to make sure that your wine bottles fit. Use the base of the bottles as a measuring guide. Measure the block carefully, with holes spaced with enough distance between to fit wine bottles easily. Mark each space along the block. Once you’ve marked each space, connect your arbor to your saw, make a very small dent with the centring tip and then carefully work your way through the block of wood. 

Try not to make the block too thick so that you can get through it all the way to the other side. If it is a thick piece of wood, you could try turning it over to drill from the other side until the holes meet. You can use a regular block of wood or look for interesting thick branches of driftwood or tree branches to make something more unique. Make sure that you use a clamp to prevent any uneven holes - particularly if you are working with branches that are curved or uneven. 

Scarf hanger

A quick and easy project for beginners is to make a scarf hanger. This can be done using a regular wooden hanger, as long as it has enough space along the base to create holes at the bottom. You can use a smaller hole bit for this project. The holes need to be large enough to pull scarves through the holes without fabric getting stuck. They don’t have to be very wide, however. If you are storing lightweight scarves, holes can be spaced closer together. 

Start by marking off spaces along the base of the hanger, spacing them with enough room for you to easily access scarves. From there, connect your arbor and hole bit, make your indent in the centre of each space, and make your holes. You can smooth them afterwards so that the fabric runs through without getting snagged. If you have thicker scarves, you could also consider using a flat bit or another bit to make a small slit on the top of the open hole for easy access to scarves.

Tool holder

An organised workshop is essential. One of the best ways to keep your workspace organised is a tool holder. These can be used to store the tools you use most frequently. They can also be used to store power tools on a wall-mounted rack, to prevent them from getting in the way as you work. 

To make a simple tool holder, you can look for a very basic shelf, open box or rack. You could also use a solid plank that is strong enough to hold your tools. The holder will be mounted to the wall using brackets. Start by measuring your tools, then plan out the holder, taking into account the space needed between each hole. Once your measurements are done, carefully cut the holes for each tool. You can create open slits for cords if your tool holder is for power tools. This will make it easy to access your tools without wires getting tangled, ensuring a neat, organised way to store your drills.

Table decor

You can get creative when it comes to table doors. With the help of hole saws, you can make simple vase holders quickly and easily. These can be used to display larger vases or mini test-tube-style flower holders for centrepieces. 

You can create candle holders, too. For very thick wood, you can use your hole bit along with a Forstner bit to create flat-bottomed candle holders. Other table decor that can be crafted using this bit include napkin holders, using hollowed-out branches or small pieces of wood. You could make also simple wooden utensil holders using vertical blocks of wood. Small projects like these are a great way to practice using your hole saw using offcuts, before tackling larger projects.

Snack tray

Another great idea for dinner parties and table settings is a snack tray. These are fantastic if you entertain often. Start with a long, rectangular piece of wood. Decide what you want to include on the tray. You may decide to include spaces for dressings and condiments or spaces for wine and wine glasses, for example. You may want to add holes for cutlery or napkins. Once you have a layout in mind, you can start putting things together.

First, use a pencil to mark out the spaces you need to create. Make sure that your measurements are accurate. When in doubt, it’s best to make smaller holes that can be enlarged rather than larger holes that will be impossible to make smaller. Once you start cutting, you may decide to use other bits along with your hole saw. Some holes can be completed using a Forstner bit if you want the bottom to be flat. Others may need a flat bit to enlarge or smooth holes. Planning ahead will ensure that you have all the drill bits you need for your project before you start working. 

We hope that these ideas get you inspired! At Ruwag, you’ll find a selection of hole saws along with arbors, helping you put your woodwork projects into action.