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SDS-Plus Standard Flat Chisel Shank
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SDS-Plus Standard Flat Chisel
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SDS-Plus Standard Flat Chisel

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The SDS-Plus Standard Flat Chisel is intended for renovation, restoration and demolition.

Ruwag is where you can buy SDS flat chisel bits online that won’t let you down.

The SDS-Plus standard chisel is versatile and durable. This chisel can be used for a variety of projects, from the removal of walls to the restoration of joints, stripping of tiles and plaster, and the clearing of reinforcements.

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Shop flat chisel drill bits online in the UK for a premium-quality chisel designed to last. Its flat cutting edge makes it easy to drill through concrete, brick and other masonry. Buy the SDS flat chisel for renovation online at Ruwag for quality you can always trust.

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