SDS-Plus Drill Bits

SDS-Plus Drill Bits

Browse our extensive range of SDS-Plus drill bits which have been designed for highly effective drilling through hard materials such as brick, concrete and even re-inforced concrete. Our SDS products come in a selection of different types to ensure you have the exact bit for the job, you can see our helpful table in the drill bit selection chart towards the bottom of the page.

Our collection contains some of the very best SDS-Plus and SDS-Max drill bits for masonry drilling including concrete and brick, and it is vital you match the correct drill bit to the intended application to maximise the life of the bit. So whether you are looking for a SDS-Plus ReBar, a long SDS drill bit for brick walls, or you’re looking for a SDS-Plus drill bits for concrete, you’re sure to find the SDS drill bit for the job at Ruwag. Ruwag sells both SDS-Plus drill bits and SDS-Max drill bits that can be used with the correct SDS chuck on your drill. Buy a singular SDS bit, or a SDS drill bit set depending on your requirements.

If you have any questions such as “which is the best SDS drill bit for brick?”, “which drill bit for drilling through plaster?” or “which drill bit for drilling through reinforced concrete?” - feel free to ask us on our live chat, where we can answer any questions you may have about drilling through tile.

SDS Drill Bit selection chart

By matching the correct SDS drill bit to the intended application, you will ensure you’ve got the best SDS drill bit for the job, and also maximise the life of the drill bit. See our SDS drill bit selection chart below:

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  Clay Brick Fire Brick B35 Concrete B45 Concrete Reinforced Concrete Granite
SDS-Plus Standard      
SDS-Plus Industrial    
SDS-Plus Professional  
SDS-Plus ReBar  



How to select a SDS Drill Bit & Drilling into Masonry

Watch the video below to find out more about the different types of SDS drill bits to assist you in choosing the correct drill bit for drilling through brick, concrete or other masonry. You will also see the most effective procedure for drilling into masonry.

How to Select & Drill into Masonry with Ruwag SDS Drill Bits


Shopping SDS drill bits online in the UK is easy at Ruwag, with a hand-picked selection of premium drill bits on offer. This type of masonry drill bit is made for drilling through concrete and brick smoothly and easily. With a shank that has two sets of grooves for secure attachment to the chuck, the bit slides up and down to give a hammer action. The tips of this bit are typically made from strong carbide, making them ideal for extreme loads. Our selection includes SDS Max and Plus bits. If you’re looking for a larger, thicker bit, buy SDS Max drill bits online. For a slimmer bit, choose the SDS Plus.

Shop SDS Drill Bits Online

Shop drill bits for reinforced concrete online at Ruwag, to find durable, extra-strength bits that can easily prepare holes for concrete fasteners or drill holes to create paths for wiring and plumbing installation. Although regular masonry drills can be used to drill through concrete, SDS bits are made to last, with super-strong tips that will not wear easily over time. Choosing the best drill bits for concrete and other hardened masonry is essential to get results. Browse our collection and buy SDS drill bits online in the UK now.


A question we get asked often here at Ruwag is, “Can I use an SDS drill bit in a normal drill?” You should never try and use an SDS bit in a regular drill. Due to the unique design that allows them to move backwards and forwards in the chuck, these bits are made specifically for SDS drills and not for chucks on rotary and hammer drills. There is a big risk of bits loosening if you use SDS drill bits in a regular drill, which will damage the drill. You can, however, use SDS chucks that are adapted for hammer drills.

Are all SDS drill bits the same? These drill bits are different in a number of ways. There are two types of SDS bit: SDS-Plus and SDS-Max. SDS-Plus bits are the most common for basic renovation and work and include standard, professional and industrial bits. SDS-Max bits are made for heavy-duty drilling with an SDS chuck and hammer drill. Using the wrong bit can cause damage to your drill bits, drill and the material you are drilling. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to view a drill bit selection chart when choosing your SDS drill bits.

What is an SDS-Max drill bit and what is it used for? Made for SDS-Max drills, these bits are larger with a greater number of indentations and a unique flute design. They are typically used for heavy-duty work to break through hardened concrete, rebar and stone, making them ideal for demolition work. The risk of jamming is reduced, thanks to their design, which also allows for easier removal of dust while drilling. SDS-Max bits are long-lasting and durable, with a carbide tip that further adds to their strength. SDS-Max drill bits are made to be used with rotary hammer tools along with an SDS-Max chuck.

Do all SDS drill bits fit all SDS drills or do you need a different drill for each type of bit? Both the SDS and SDS-Plus bits are interchangeable, with a 10mm diameter. You can use either of these in the same drill without any problems. SDS-Max shanks are a bit bigger, at 18mm in diameter. This is because they are typically used for heavy-duty work. SDS-Max bits are therefore not able to fit securely into SDS or SDS-Plus drills. You can, however, use chuck adapters to use any type of SDS drill bit in any type of SDS drill.

What is an SDS adapter and when will you need one? Chuck adapters allow you to use SDS-Plus drill bits in an SDS-Max drill and vice versa. Keyed or keyless chucks can be fitted to the rotary drill easily with the help of an adapter. You should never use the hammer function on your drill when you use your adapter and a standard chuck. SDS-Plus adapters are meant to be used for rotary drilling with standard rotary drilling rather than percussion mode. Using hammer action could damage your drill and damage the drill bits and the chuck in the process. Adapters are often sold alongside drill chucks.

The SDS type fitting is specially designed to transfer the impact force of a rotary hammer to enable it to pulverize masonry, so bits with this shank type are not available for any other application. However, it is possible to convert an SDS Plus machine to take regular shanked drill bits by fitting an SDS adaptor and chuck, which will then enable you to use drill bits for wood, metal or any other bit that requires only rotary motion without hammer action.