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Ruwag offers users a complete range of the highest quality drill bits to take on any project with confidence. We have over 30 years' of drilling experience.

Ruwag is ISO 9001 CertifiedCertifications

Ruwag is a SGS – ISO 9001:2015 certified company and some of our drill bits carry the PGM (Prüfgemein-schaft Mauerbohrer) mark. Only drill bits manufactured with state of the art technology within strict tolerance limits are granted use of the PGM mark. The mark guarantees geometrically exact holes so that fasteners used will give firm support and achieve rated values. 

It is important for us to offer high quality drill bits at a competitive price, by striving to offer the best Price / Quality ratio in the market. By comparing the quality of the drill bits to the price payable, Ruwag wants to be unbeatable.

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About Ruwag

… is not just what we stand for. It’s the foundation beneath every product we deliver, resulting in tools that work harder for longer to get the job done well. Ruwag... the professional’s choice!

The Right Tools

It is vital to ensure that you have the right tool for the right job. This is also applicable for drill bits. If you use the wrong drill bit for the incorrect application, you will not benefit from the drill bits full potential and it might fail. Ruwag aims to help consumers choose the right drill bit and to simplify this process to ensure an easy, fast experience.