SDS Core Bits

SDS Core Bits

Ruwag offers a range of SDS core bits and SDS core shanks. Core bits are used to cut large diameter holes into hard materials such as brick and concrete. Ruwag Core shanks are available in SDS-Plus to fit the correct drill used for the job. 

If you have any questions such as “how to drill with a SDS core bit” or “which core shank is the right one for my drill?” - feel free to ask us on our live chat, where we can answer any questions you may have about using Ruwag SDS core bits.


What are core drill bits and how are they used? Core drills are designed to remove large holes from material such as concrete and brick. The material that remains inside the core bit is known as the core. This type of drill can cut holes into masonry as well as wood, stone and ice. A twisting motion is used to push the drill bit into the surface of the material in order to drill the hole. Core bits are hollow and round, with tips made of tungsten carbide. Core drill bits are made for use in impact and hammer drills and available with SDS-Plus shanks.

Are SDS drill bits universal, you may be asking? While they are all made to be used in an SDS drill to drill concrete and masonry, these drill bits differ in a few ways. The most commonly used SDS bit is the SDS-Plus, which is typically used on a wide range of renovation projects. These bits include standard, professional and industrial. SDS-Max bits are designed for heavy-duty projects, using a hammer drill and SDS chuck. For best results, always make sure that you use the right drill bit for your project to avoid breaking your SDS drill bits and drill.

What is the best drill for core drilling? You have a few choices here. You could go with a specialised core drill. You could also use a hammer drill. One of the most effective choices is an SDS-Plus drill that has a rotary hammer action. These are made to work with premium-quality core drill bits and SDS-Plus core shanks. As core drilling is done on extremely hard materials such as concrete and stone, a regular rotary drill will not work. It is always best to use the right drill, along with strong core drill bits made with tungsten carbide tips.