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35 Piece Industrial Metal, Masonry & Power Bit Drill Set


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The Ruwag 35 Piece Industrial Metal HSS and Masonry Drill Bit Set with Power Bits consists of the most popular drill sizes from 3-10mm, as well as a 1/4 magnetic bit holder and 25 of our high quality power bits. Our Industrial drill bit range is perfect for tradesmen. This drill set is perfect for any job in and around your home or site.

Drill Bit Set Content

3mm Industrial Metal Drill Bit 1
4mm Industrial Metal Drill Bit 1
5mm Industrial Metal Drill Bit 1
6mm Industrial Metal Drill Bit 1
8mm Industrial Metal Drill Bit 1
4mm Industrial Concrete Drill Bit 1
5mm Industrial Concrete Drill Bit 1
6mm Industrial Concrete Drill Bit 1
8mm Industrial Concrete Drill Bit 1
10mm Industrial Concrete Drill Bit 1
Phillips Power Bit 1
PH2X25mm Phillips Power Bit 1
PH3X25mm Phillips Power Bit 1
PZ1X25mm Pozi Power Bit 1
PZ2X25mm Pozi Power Bit 1
PZ3X25mm Pozi Power Bit 1
SL4X25mm Slotted Power Bit 1
SL5X25mm Slotted Power Bit 1
SL6X25mm Slotted Power Bit 1
TX5 Torx Power Bit 1
TX10 Torx Power Bit 1
TX15 Torx Power Bit 1
TX20 Torx Power Bit 1
2mm Hex Power Bit 1
3mm Hex Power Bit 1
4mm Hex Power Bit 1
5mm Hex Power Bit 1
No0 Square Power Bit 1
No1 Square Power Bit 1
No2 Square Power Bit 1
No3 Square Power Bit 1
TX25 Torx Power Bit 1
1/4" Magnetic Bit Holder 1

Buy an industrial drill bit set online at Ruwag to stock up your collection with a wide range of drill bits.

The Ruwag 35 piece industrial metal drill bit set includes various drill sizes, from 3-10mm. It also includes a 1/4 magnetic bit holder and 25 premium power bits. 

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