SDS Chisels

SDS Chisels

Browse our extensive range of SDS chisels which have been designed for renovation, restoration and demolition. Ruwag SDS chisels are suitable for  heavy duty work through hard materials such as brick, concrete and masonry. Our SDS products come in a selection of different types to ensure you have the exact bit for the job.

Our collection contains high quality SDS chisels, including SDS Flat Chisels, SDS Pointed Chisels, SDS Tile Chisels, SDS Wide Chisels and SDS Gouging Chisels. Our wide variety of SDS chisels are available for both SDS-Plus chucks and SDS-Max chucks. 

Whether you’re looking to renovate, restore or demolish you’re sure to find the best masonry drill bit for the job whether it’s for tasks at home, or in the trade.

If you have any questions such as “which is the best SDS chisel bit for brick?” or “which SDS chisel bit for drilling through plaster?” - feel free to ask us on our live chat, where we can answer any questions you may have about using the Ruwag SDS chisel range.

Shop SDS chisel bits online at Ruwag for a wide range of chisels for various applications. Our chisel selection is made to get through extra-strong materials, including concrete and other types of masonry. Ideal for many projects, from demolition to home renovation, this collection will get the job done. We’ve got standard, professional and industrial flat chisels available, along with a variety of pointed chisels, tile chisels, and gouging chisels. Browse our full collection and buy chisel drill bits online in the UK that give you the best results, everytime.

Shop SDS Chisel Bits Online

Choosing the best quality chisels is essential, whether you’re starting a simple DIY project or planning a large-scale restoration. Our handy selection guides will help you choose the right tool for the job. As a trusted manufacturer with over 30 years experience, Ruwag is the industry leader for premium drill bits. Our SDS chisel bit online store offers the very best products to suit your needs. We make it easy to shop chisel drill bits, with fast delivery right to your door and world-class customer care you can always trust. Start shopping SDS drill chisel bits online now to see what we have in the store.


What is an SDS chisel and how is it used? Short for Slotted Drive System, SDS tools are made for heavy-duty drilling in masonry. SDS chisels are made specifically for this type of drills. They are used for demolition, renovation and other projects involving hard materials. These chisels have an excellent performance level and a long lifespan, ensuring accuracy and precision during drilling. Tungsten carbide tips make them even more suitable for drilling into tough materials. There are many types of SDS chisel available at Ruwag, including flat, pointed, wide, tile, and gouging, all of which work with SDS-Plus and SDS-Max chucks.

A question we're often asked at Ruwag is, “Can I use a chisel bit in a hammer drill?” The answer to this question is yes – chisels can be used in hammer drills. You can use a standard hammer tool or, for best results, an SDS tool with SDS-Plus or Max chuck. Using the drill on hammer mode, you can choose the right chisel for the job at hand to break through tough masonry, including hardened concrete and stone. The hammer action allows chisel bits to chisel the material in order to break through more easily – something that rotary drills cannot do as well.

What is the best tool for breaking up concrete? To break up hardened masonry such as concrete, you need a tool that has a lot of power and the ability to drill flooring, walls and other concrete structures. Hammer drills are the best tool for concrete, as they have a back and forth motion that makes the drilling easier. Rotary drills are suited to softer materials, drilling holes into the material. One of the best tools for concrete, however, is an SDS drill along with SDS-Max bits. These rotary hammer tools have more power, getting the job done smoothly and quickly.

What does SDS-Plus shank mean and how do they work? SDS stands for Slotted Drive System, which applies to the shank type. This shank features two sets of grooves, which attached to the chuck, making it secure enough for the SDS drill bit to move upwards and downwards, rather than the typical back and forth hammer action. A big advantage of these shanks is that they fit easily into spring-loaded chucks, without the need for tightening. The SDS-Plus shank is made for use in SDS-Plus drills or hammer drills with an SDS chuck, to drill into hard masonry such as concrete more effectively.