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Ruwag has over 30 years of Drilling Experience. We offer a wide selection of high quality drill bits so you can take on any drilling project with confidence. 

Drill bits are used to create holes in different materials with a circular cutting motion that removes the material to create a clean cut. It is vital to ensure that you have the right tool for the right job; drilling with the wrong drill bit can not only damage the tool, but can damage the material you are drilling.

Our range of products includes masonry,  ceramic,  SDS,  Tiles,  wooddiamond core,  metal drill bits  and more, so we can help you find the right drill piece for your intended project.

If you are looking for a single drill bit or a set of multi-purpose drill bits, we have the solution perfect for you. Choose which material you need to drill from the selection above, or take a look at our drill bit sets.



Our range of professional metal drill bits are designed for anyone wanting to drill through metal materials, including aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, plain carbon steel, cast iron and stainless steel, as well as plastics.

The options we offer include everything from industrial metal drill bits for intermediate DIY personnel to cobalt metal drill bits for an advanced level tradesman, as well as HHS step drill bits for materials up to the maximum thickness of 3.2mm. You can buy our HSS drill bits in single units,  as well as in drill sets.

We have a range of masonry drill bits and sets designed for drilling brick, concrete and plaster, as well as other masonry materials.

Our products range from SDS Plus professional drill bits to industrial concrete drill bits, which have a reinforced flute for dust removal, minimal breakages and reduced vibration. As well as SDS drill accessories for masonry, we also offer SDS flatpointed and tile chisels, as well as sets of different size tools.

Our range of ceramic, tile and diamond core drill bits are of an exceptional quality and can be used to drill through glass, tiles from class 0 to class 5 and even granite. Our unique ceramic tile drill bit drills through tiles up to class 4 without having to use any lubrication. Our high quality diamond core drill bit can even drill through granite. Be sure to watch our videos to learn how to use our ceramic drill bits correctly.




With a history spanning over three decades, Ruwag is the leader in premium quality drill bits. We offer a comprehensive selection of bits for a wide range of projects. Whether you are looking for industrial-grade bits or specific bits for home renovation projects, you are sure to find what you need in our collections.

Choosing the best drill bits online can be confusing if you are not sure which type of bit is right for your project. Although multi-material bits can be used for various materials, they are not always suitable for every single project. Drill bits are classified by material. Porous and non-porous materials have varying hardness and, as such, it is essential to choose a drill bit that is made specifically for the material you are drilling through. At Ruwag, we make it easy to buy drill bits online in the UK, with selection charts that help you find the right bit for your project.



Shop Drill Bits Online at Ruwag

Ruwag has a long-standing reputation for high-quality products. Each of our products has been designed and manufactured according to stringent quality guidelines. Browse our drill bit categories to shop drill bits in the UK online or keep reading to find out which bits are recommended for your project.

For woodworking projects and other projects involving timber, we have a range of wood drill bits, from flat wood bits for direct drilling, to forstner bits, brace auger bits, and brad bits. Our masonry drill bits are made to drill through concrete, brick and granite. Metal drill bits are tough enough for extra-strength drilling through even the strongest metals. Tile and glass drill bits include ceramic tile drill bits and diamond core bits. Our versatile multi-material bits can be used on various materials.

We’ve also got SDS core bits and drill bit sets that include a variety of bits. View our how-to videos to find out how to select drill bits online and how to drill into various materials. In addition to shopping drill bits online, you can also shop other essential add-ons, ranging from SDS chisels to drill chucks, hole saws, and arbors. Stock up on all the bits you need to get the job done properly and you will soon see why Ruwag is the industry leader for the best drill bits in the UK. View our full product collections to buy drill bits at Ruwag now.