Glass & Tile Drill Bits

Glass & Tile Drill Bits

Browse our extensive range of glass and tile drill bits and diamond core drill bits, which have been designed for highly effective drilling through glass, tiles, granite and other ceramics. Our products come in sizes ranging from 4mm - 10mm, suitable for drilling through various ceramic tiles and also drilling through glass.

Our collection contains some of the very best drill bits for glass and tiles; we’re confident they will not only meet, but exceed your requirements. So whether you are looking for a diamond drill bit for glass, drill bits for hard tiles or you’re planning on drilling into bathroom tiles, you’re sure to find the ceramic drill bit for the job at Ruwag. 

If you have any questions such as “which is the best diamond drill bit for porcelain tile?” or “which drill bit for ceramic tile drilling?” - feel free to ask us on our live chat, where we can answer any questions you may have about drilling through tile. 

Tile & Glass Drill Bit selection chart

By matching the correct ceramic drill bit to the intended application, you will ensure you’ve got the best tile or glass drill bit for the job, and also maximise the life of the ceramic bit. See our ceramic drill bit selection chart below:

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Ceramic & porcelain tiles PEI rating

  Glass Class 0 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Granite
Glass & Tile bit      
Ceramic Tile bit    
Diamond Core bit


Tile Ratings

Class 0: Unsuitable for floors. These are generally used as wall tile.

Class 1: Suitable only for locations where softer footwear is worn or where shoes are not frequently used, for e.g. residential bathroom or other areas with light traffic. Also for interior commercial and residential walls.

Class 2: Suited for general residential traffic; for areas that are walked on by soft soled or normal footwear with very small amounts of scratching dirt. Not for kitchen, entrance halls, stairs and other areas subjected to heavy traffic.

Class 3: Suited for all residential and light commercial areas such as offices, reception areas, boutiques, interior walls, countertops and residential bathroom floors. Not recommended for commercial entryway.

Class 4: Suited for regular traffic. Recommended for medium commercial and light institutional use, such as restaurants, hotels, hospital lobbies and corridors.

Class 5: Suitable for areas with heavy traffic, abrasive dirt and moisture, and where safety and maximum performance are required. Examples are shopping centres, public buildings, building entrances or swimming pools.

How to select a Ceramic Drill Bit & Drilling into Tile & Glass

Watch the video below to find out more about the different types of drill bits for ceramics to assist you in choosing the correct drill bit for drilling through tile, glass or other ceramics. You will also see the most effective procedure for drilling through ceramics.

Ruwag makes it easy to shop tile drill bits online in the UK, with premium-grade drill bits designed for drilling through tile, glass and ceramics. These drill bits have been designed to drill through a range of ceramics, from tile to granite and porcelain. The versatile tile and glass bit is ideal for a wide range of applications, with a unique flat tip design that allows for precision drilling. The ceramic tile bit is best suited for hard tiles, with a durable asymmetrical carbide tip that gets through even the toughest ceramics. Whether you’re looking to buy glass drill bits online or specialised ceramic bits, we’ve got what you need in store.

Shop Glass & Tile Drill Bits Online

The type of ceramic drill bit you choose will come to the application. For smaller renovations and projects using softer ceramics, look for bits that work with tile as well as glass. Shop diamond core drill bits online in the UK for a drill bit that is tough enough for industrial applications. This type of drill bit can drill through stronger ceramics such as granite tiles, with a diamond cutting edge. Whatever you’re looking for, Ruwag is your top choice to buy tile drill bits online in the UK.


What is the best drill bit for ceramic tiles and do you need a special bit to drill through tile? A bit that is made specifically for drilling through ceramic tile is the best way to ensure that you are able to drill through without breaking or damaging the tile or your bit. These bits have strong, long-lasting asymmetrical carbide tips that help them get through tile smoothly and cleanly. Diamond core bits can be used for heavy-duty industrial or granite tiles. It is also important to use a rotary drill and not a hammer drill, as hammering can very quickly break and damage ceramic tiles.

Do you need a special drill bit for porcelain or can any ceramic drill bit do the job? There are three main types of drill bits for ceramics - standard ceramic tile bits, glass and tile bits and diamond core bits. While glass and tile bits may work for regular tile, diamond core bits are made for granite tile. A specialised ceramic tile bit is the best choice to drill through porcelain without the risk of damaged tile or drill bit. Make sure that you use this bit in a rotary drill. Hammer drills can end up breaking the tile as they are not made for ceramics.

Can you drill into ceramic? Absolutely. You can drill into just about every type of material, as long as you use the right drill and the right drill bits for the material you are drilling into. Ceramic tile drill bits are the best choice for drilling into porcelain tiles. For granite tiles, a diamond core drill bit is a better choice. A general glass and tile drill can be used for medium-wear tiles as well as glass. Whichever drill bit you use, make sure that you use a rotary drill rather than a hammer drill, which can easily break ceramic.

How do you drill into ceramic tile without breaking it, you may be asking yourself? There are two answers to this question. First, you need to choose the right drill. Hammer drills are made to break through tile, with a vibrating action that will destroy tile very quickly. Rotary type drills will drill through tile, without the risk of damage. Next, you need to choose the right drill bit. There are many types of drill bits and each is made for the material you are drilling. A ceramic tile drill bit is always the best choice to get the job done properly.

A question we’ve often asked at Ruwag is, “Can I use a hammer drill on ceramic tile?” The answer to this is a definite no. With a hammering action that allows them to break through material rather than drill into material, hammer drills are best suited to masonry such as brick and concrete. They are not made for materials such as ceramics, however, and should not be used on tile. Using a hammer drill on ceramic tiles will shatter or break the tile very quickly when using the hammer function. Instead, use a rotary drill when drilling into ceramic tile.