Drill Bit Sets

Drill Bit Sets

Browse our extensive range of drill bit sets, which have been purposefully designed for highly effective drilling through a range of materials, including metal HSS, brick, masonry, wood and concrete. Our drill bit sets come in collections ranging from 5 pieces to 51 pieces, and contain a variety of sizes of drill bits for any job at hand.

Our collection is perfect for tradesmen as well as those looking to do a bit of household DIY, with sets including industrial metal HSS drill sets, cobalt metal HSS drill sets, brick drill sets, SDS drill sets, wood brad drill sets, concrete drill sets, turbo drill sets and multi-purpose drill sets - just to name a few. For those looking for drill bits for big multi-material projects, we suggest our Drill & Bit combination set or our 25 piece industrial metal, wood and power bit drill sets, but for smaller projects, our 5 piece turbo metal HSS drill set may be better suited. 

If you have any questions such as “what is the best impact driver bit set” or “which is the best combination drill bit set?”, feel free to ask us on our live chat, where we’re here to answer your drill bit set related questions. 

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Shop drill bit sets online at Ruwag to find a comprehensive collection of bits for every project. These sets are a convenient, cost-effective way to get the sizes and types of bits you need without having to purchase them individually. Stock up on specialised metal, masonry or wood bits in various sizes. Choose a versatile set of multi-purpose bits in selected sizes. We also offer full combination sets that give you a selection of bits for a wide range of projects.

Shop Drill Bit Sets Online

Ruwag is the industry leader in premium quality drill bits. With over 30 years experience, we are the preferred choice for tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts across the country. Buy professional drill bit sets and see why our drill bit sets are consistently rated the best in class. Whether you’re looking for small packs for a specific project or a large set for multiple purposes, you’re sure to find it in our collection. We take the stress out of shopping drill bit sets in the UK, giving you the benefit of delivery right to your door, fuss-free returns, quality guarantee, and world-class customer service. View our full collection to buy drill bit sets online now.


“Are drill bit sets universal?” you may be wondering? Many new DIY enthusiasts assume that drill bit sets are designed for one purpose - drill through materials - and that it’s possible to use one set on multiple projects. In reality, most drill bits are made for specific materials. You could use one drill to drill through masonry, wood or ceramics, but the bit will break or wear quickly if used on harder materials. Multi-purpose drill bit or universal drill bit sets can be used on various types of material, however, it is best to use bits made for the material you are drilling through.

Which is better - cobalt or titanium drill bits? And, better still, how do you choose the right bit for your project? As a general rule of thumb, a cobalt drill bit is best to drill through harder materials such as cast iron and stainless steel. These drill bits are durable and long-lasting. For softer metals and wood, your best bet is a titanium drill bit. They are ideal if you are doing lighter drilling. They may wear down quickly if used often or used on heavier metals. Ultimately, choosing between cobalt and titanium drill bits comes down to the material and project.

Are expensive drill bits worth it or can cheaper drill bits get the job done as well? Generally speaking, as is the case with most things in life, you get what you pay for. In the case of drill bits, high-quality bits will typically cost more, but they will last longer and have a higher performance rating. If you are drilling through harder materials and doing more heavy-duty work, you want drill bit sets that last. But, if you’re doing small home renovation projects, cheaper bits can get the job done, even if they don’t last as long as expensive drill bits.

Can you use regular drill bits in a hammer drill? Hammer drills have a mechanism that pushes drill bits forward in a hammering movement while the drill bits rotate. The hammering motion is often needed when drilling through masonry. Brick, concrete and other types of masonry need specialised bits that are able to break through hardened materials. To get results without breaking your drill bits, you will need to use a masonry drill bit in a drill made for this type of drilling. You might be able to break through brick with a regular drill, but you will battle to get through concrete without a hammer drill.

One question our customers often ask us is, “Can I use normal drill bits in an SDS drill?” Short for Slotted Drive System/Shaft, SDS drills have far more power than standard rotary or hammer drills. These drills can easily drill through the toughest materials, including concrete. They have a hammering action combined with a rotary movement. Using regular drill bits in an SDS type drill or SDS bits in a regular drill can result in damage to the drill and bits. You can, however, get an SDS chuck adaptor that enables you to use regular drill bits in your SDS machine (excepting straight shank masonry bits).