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SDS-Max Professional Wide Chisel Shank
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SDS-Max Professional Wide Chisel
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SDS-Max Professional Wide Chisel


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The SDS-Max Professional Wide Chisel is intended for renovation, restoration and demolition.

- Long life, self-sharpening tips

Shop SDS-Max wide chisel bits online for a chisel that delivers professional-grade results.

This bit features a wide, flat cutting edge that will easily and clean remove roughcasting and dirt, as well as concrete residue from masonry. The chisel bit is tough enough for any project, and can also be used for heavy-duty demolition, channelling, and chiselling through concrete, tiles, stone, and mortar.

Shop SDS-Max Wide Chisel Bits Online

Get the benefit of a long-lasting bit that will always get the job down with premium wide chisel bits on sale online in the UK. Buy SDS chisel bits online at Ruwag to get started.

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