Hole Saws & Arbors

Ruwag sells a variety of Bi-Metal Hole Saws and TCT Hole Saws for cutting wood. Our Industrial, Fast-cutting Bi-Metal Hole Saws are available in sizes from 16mm to 76mm. Our entry-level, standard-range Bi-Metal Hole Saws are available from 19mm to 76mm. Our TCT Hole Saws are perfect for cutting into wood and are available from 19mm to 90mm. Ruwag also sells a variety of Arbors for Bi-Metal Hole Saws and TCT Hole Saws. Our Arbors are available in SDS Shank and Standard Shank Hex.

Shop hole saws online at Ruwag to find a variety of hole drill bits in our store.

These drill bits are made to cut round holes into various materials, smoothly and accurately. They are also known as hole cutters or hole drill bits. They can be used for many different projects, from cutting through wood to installing light fixtures. Arbors for hole saws are sold separately along with SDS shanks. The arbor is a pilot drill bit that is situated in the middle of the hole to prevent teeth from shifting during drilling. 

Shop Hole Saws Online

Ruwag offers a selection of high-quality TCT and bi-metal hole saws for sale online. This range includes standard and industrial saws. Industrial fast-cutting bi-metal cutters are available in sizes from 16-76mm. Standard bi-metal cutters come in sizes from 19-76mm. TCT hole cutters are ideal for wood, with sizes ranging from 19-90mm. We also offer arbors available in SDS shank and standard shank hex. This drill bit is essential for tradesmen of all types, offering a versatile bit that quickly and easily cuts through wood, masonry and metal. Buy metal cutting hole saws online in the UK now and get fast delivery right to your door.

Why Choose Ruwag?

Ruwag offers users a complete range of the highest quality drill bits to take on any project with confidence. We have over 30 years of drilling experience.

It is important for us to offer high quality drill bits at a competitive price, by striving to offer the best Price / Quality ratio in the market. By comparing the quality of the drill bits to the price payable, Ruwag wants to be unbeatable.


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