Hole Saws & Arbors

Hole Saws & Arbors

Ruwag sells a variety of Bi-Metal Hole Saws and TCT Hole Saws for cutting wood. Our Industrial, Fast-cutting Bi-Metal Hole Saws are available in sizes from 16mm to 76mm. Our entry-level, standard-range Bi-Metal Hole Saws are available from 19mm to 76mm. Our TCT Hole Saws are perfect for cutting into wood and are available from 19mm to 90mm. 

Ruwag also sells a variety of Arbors for Bi-Metal Hole Saws and TCT Hole Saws. Our Arbors are available in SDS Shank and Standard Shank Hex.

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These drill bits are made to cut round holes into various materials, smoothly and accurately. They are also known as hole cutters or hole drill bits. They can be used for many different projects, from cutting through wood to installing light fixtures. Arbors for hole saws are sold separately along with SDS shanks. The arbor is a pilot drill bit that is situated in the middle of the hole to prevent teeth from shifting during drilling. 

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Ruwag offers a selection of high-quality TCT and bi-metal hole saws for sale online. This range includes standard and industrial saws. Industrial fast-cutting bi-metal cutters are available in sizes from 16-76mm. Standard bi-metal cutters come in sizes from 19-76mm. TCT hole cutters are ideal for wood, with sizes ranging from 19-90mm. We also offer arbors available in SDS shank and standard shank hex. This drill bit is essential for tradesmen of all types, offering a versatile bit that quickly and easily cuts through wood, masonry and metal. Buy metal cutting hole saws online in the UK now and get fast delivery right to your door.


For best results, you will need a rotary drill that has enough power to get the saw through masonry, plastics, wood, and metal. Ideally, you want a fairly powerful rotary drill that has a minimum of 14 volts. This will give you clean and consistent drilling. If you are using a cordless drill, you can use a drill with 18 volts to give you more power.

Pilot bits are made to guide the saw to the right location and keep it there until sawing is done. If you do not have the pilot bit, the saw would be unstable and you would not have a smooth, round hole. Instead, you would have a jagged mess. The pilot bit sits at the centre of the saw, sticking out just above its edge. When it is sunk, it helps the saw attach to the material to give more stability as drilling begins.

You can enlarge existing holes with a saw - it is not as straight-forward as making a new hole, however, when drilling a new hole, the pilot bit helps to keep the saw steady as you cut. When drilling existing holes, your pilot bit does not have anything to hold onto. Luckily, there is a quick fix that makes things easier. Clamp a large piece of plywood over your current hole, make a mark for the centre of the new hole and then position the pilot bit using the marked centre. You can then start sawing.

Sawdust is something you will deal with when using your saw on wood. As sawdust builds up in the teeth of the saw, it can overheat, causing wear and potential damage. Moving the saw in and out as you work can help to remove excess debris. Slowing down and moving back every now and then can also help. You can also try lightly scoring the surface of the wood and then drilling a few small holes right through the material along the edge of the scores to make ventilation holes that make it easier to work without clogging up your saw.

Whether you're planning a home renovation project or you're looking for premium drill bits for industrial renovation, Ruwag offers a full range of bits for every project. Browse our full drill bit collection to find hole saws and various other bits that give you the Ruwag quality guarantee.