What Are The Different Types of SDS Chisels?

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What Are The Different Types of SDS Chisels?

SDS chisels are a must-have for renovation projects. Tough, versatile and ideal for heavy drilling, these drill bits are ideal for concrete and other masonry. They are used for home renovation projects as well as larger construction projects. Whether you need to knock down walls, lift tiles, clear reinforcements, restore joints or take on any other project that requires extremely strong bits, chisel bits get the job done easily and effectively. To understand how these useful bits work, it helps to get a better idea of each type of chisel to see how they are used in renovation projects. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the different types of SDS chisels and find out which is best for your project.

Choosing the Right SDS Chisel for Your Project

SDS chisels include several types, each with a unique design that allows it to get the job done. Here are the types of chisel you will find at Ruwag, and how each works.

Flat chisels

Flat chisels have a flat pointed edge, which is as wide as the diameter of the shaft. The flat cutting edge makes it easy to get through various types of masonry. It also gives you more control over the breaking action - especially when drilling lines. SDS-Plus Standard Flat Chisels are best suited to home renovation work, including wall removal, joint restoration, tile and plaster stripping, and reinforcement clearing. For heavy-duty construction, SDS-Max Professional Flat Chisels and SDS-Plus Industrial Flat Chisels have extra-hard self-sharpening edges that work through concrete and other hard materials quickly with reduced risk of jamming. SDS-Max Professional Flat Chisels have the highest performance rating, working with SDS-Max shank systems. 

Pointed chisels

Pointed chisels can be used for a wide range of adjustment, renovation, restoration and demolition projects. Thanks to their pointed tip, they allow a high level of accuracy with minimal chance of jamming during drilling. These bits have a high isolated striking power, as the tip is able to channel the full striking power of hammer action to a small point. This makes pointed chisels suitable for working on uneven concrete surfaces or removing entire walls or taking on any other project. If you need a lot of force on a smaller surface, this is the best option. Types of pointed chisels available at Ruwag include SDS-Plus Standard Pointed Chisels, SDS-Plus Industrial Pointed Chisels, SDS-Plus Professional Pointed Chisels, and SDS-Max Professional Pointed Chisels that are made for SDS-Max shanks. 

Tile chisels

Tile chisels are the best choice if you need to lift tiles, remove tiles or break tiles. They can be used on wall and floor tiles, including tiles made from heavy masonry. They have very flat tips and a similar design to wide chisels and flat chisels. This tip makes it easier to get under tiles with minimal effort. Our tile chisel range includes SDS-Plus Industrial Tile Chisels and SDS-Plus Professional Tile Chisels.

Wide chisels

Wide chisels have a sharp, wide, flat cutting edge. These chisels are ideal for cleaning and removing roughcasting and dirt. They also help to clear residue from concrete. They are extremely tough, with a 25x performance rating, making them durable and long-lasting. They can be used for heavy-duty demolition, channelling and chiselling through even the toughest masonry, including stone, tiles and concrete. Our SDS-Max Professional Wide Chisels are made for SDS-Max shank systems. 

Gouging chisels

Gouging chisels are designed for creating channels in masonry. They have a unique curved design, with a hardened, heat-treated, self-sharpening tip. These bits are most commonly used to gouge channels for water pipes, power lines or other channels. Their design reduces the risk of broken cable channels, while loose material and debris can easily be removed. Our SDS-Max Professional Gouging Chisels are made for SDS-Max shank systems. 

Whichever type of SDS chisel you’re looking for, you’ll find the best range of chisels right here in the Ruwag store.