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SDS-Max Professional Pointed Chisel Shank
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SDS-Max Professional Pointed Chisel
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SDS-Max Professional Pointed Chisel


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The SDS-Max Professional Pointed Chisel is intended for renovation, restoration and demolition.

- Long life, self-sharpening tips

If you’re planning to buy SDS pointed chisel bits online, Ruwag is the place to find quality bits that will never let you down.

This type of chisel bit has an extra-hard pointed tip that makes it easy to break through tile, masonry, brickwork, flooring, and concrete. Its unique design allows for precise, accurate adjustment work in concrete.

Ruwag is the best place to buy the SDS pointed chisel online.

The SDS-Max professional pointed chisel is ideal for various projects, with a pointed tip that allows for precise, smooth concrete adjustment work. Along with concrete, it can also be used to break through brick. A long lifespan and self-sharpening tip further add to the precision of this bit.

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