Metal & HSS Drill Bits

Metal & HSS Drill Bits

Browse our extensive range of metal and HSS drill bits, which have been purposefully designed for highly effective drilling through metal materials. These products are in sizes ranging from 2mm - 20mm metal drill bits, available as individual drill bits or in drill sets. Our collection contains some of the best drill bits for metal including; cobalt drill bits, HSS step drills, titanium metal drill bits, turbo metal drill bits as well as many more. 

For light to medium metal drilling, we suggest our Standard metal HSS drill bits, however, for heavy-duty drilling our Industrial metal drill bit is better suited. HSS drill bits (high-speed steel) are much harder wearing, are more resistant to heat and are suitable for stainless steel, plain carbon steel, bronze, brass, copper, aluminium and plastics. 

If you have any questions such as “which are the best drill bits for hardened steel?” or “which are the best drill bits for stainless steel?”, feel free to ask us on our live chat, where we’re here to answer your metal bit related questions. 

Metal/HSS Drill Bit selection chart

By matching the correct metal or HSS drill bit to the intended application, you will ensure you’ve got the best metal drill bit for the job, and also maximise the life of the metal bit. See our metal drill bit selection chart below:

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  Plastics Aluminium Copper Brass Bronze Plain Carbon Steel Cast Iron Stainless Steel
Standard Metal    
Industrial Metal    
Turbo Metal  

How to select a Metal/HSS Drill Bit & Drilling Through Metal

Watch the video below to find out more about the different types of drill bits for metal, and see the difference between our metal drill bits to assist you in choosing the correct drill bit for drilling through metal. You will also see the most effective procedure for drilling through metal.

Ruwag is the ideal place to shop drill bits for metal online in the UK. Drilling through metal requires extra-strong drill bits that have been specially adapted for this purpose. Metal bits are classed by the type of metal they are made of, with the hardest bits made of cobalt and high-speed steel. Cobalt bits are able to drill through every type of metal, from aluminium to copper, brass, bronze, carbon steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. Other metal drill bit types include standard, industrial, turbo metal, titanium, and multi-purpose.

Shop Metal Drill Bits Online

Finding the right drill for your project doesn’t have to be a challenge. Shop HSS drill bits online at Ruwag for a large collection of drills suitable to all types of metal. Our online metal drill bit store includes a selection of individual bits as well as sets that include bits in selected sizes. To help you find the best drill for your project, our handy selection chart compares each drill bit type and its application. We also have video tutorials that offer more guidelines on drilling through metal. Enjoy fast delivery and premium quality when you buy drill bits for metal online in the UK.


Wondering how can you tell if a drill bit is for metal? At a glance, drill bits can look much the same. If you take a closer look, there are differences between drill bits for various purposes. There are a few ways to identify metal drill bits. The first (and easiest) way is to browse metal bit categories that show all metal bits in one place. You can also look for HSS (High Speed Steel) bits that are typically used with metal, or look for cobalt, titanium, turbo or industrial drill bits that are also used to drill through metal.

How do you drill through metal and what type of drill bit do you need? Drilling through metal requires specialised drill bits that will help you make clean holes. These bits are extra sharp to cut through metal smoothly and evenly. There are a few different types of metal drill bits, ranging from standard (for regular purposes) to industrial (for heavy-duty drilling) and step bits (for sheet metal). Many multi-purpose drill bits can also be used, provided they are suitable for metal. Once you’ve got the right bit, use a rotary drill at the recommended speed.

What colour are drill bits for metal and can you identify bits by their colour? Metal drill bits are typically made from HSS (High Speed Steel), with coatings of other metal that affect their performance and strength. It is these coatings that give the drill bits their different colours. Standard HSS bits are darker coloured, while industrial bits look like regular steel. Others have a gold colour, which comes from their titanium nitride coating. Although colour is one way to identify metal drill bits, the best way to choose bits is to use a selection chart when making your selection.

Do you drill metal fast or slow and does speed really have an impact on drilling? Metal is drilled with a rotary type drill. Holes are made into the metal and although metal drill bits are extremely sharp, drill bits will wear out quickly if drilled at too a high speed. To get smooth, even holes, you will need to go sat the recommended speed. Drill speed will need to be reduced in harder material and also with larger diameter bits. This is the best way to get accurate holes without the risk of causing uneven, messy holes. Along with premium drill bits for metal, going slow will deliver results, every time.

How do you enlarge a hole in hardened steel? Can this be done with a regular drill? The answer to this comes down the hardness of the steel. Obviously, hardened steel is already hard to drill through to make standard holes. Making those holes bigger may not be as easy as drilling the original holes. Enlarging holes is a different process that may require a drill press or specialised tool such as a reamer. You could also look at first heating the original hole and then using a grinding tool to enlarge a hole in hardened steel.