Drill Chucks

We sell a variety of Drill Chucks including Keyless Chucks, Key Type Chucks, Drill Chucks with SDS Adaptors and Chuck Keys.


Giving you a level of quality you can always trust, Ruwag is your top choice to buy drill chucks online in the UK.

These devices are designed to hold drills and rotary tools secure within the tool’s spindle. They are typically self-centring, with a three-jaw design. They can be used on a wide range of tools, working well in the commercial industry as well as home renovation. As they help to stabilise the drill bit, they are a great choice for those who are relatively new to DIY. Ruwag’s collection of chucks include keyless and keyed types. Keyless chucks loosen or tighten tools manually or with the application of torque. Keyed chucks loosen or tighten with the aid of a key, working well for heavy-duty projects where the is a risk of slips.

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With over three decades of experience in the drill bit industry, Ruwag products are made according to rigid quality standards. Browse our range of keyless and keyed chucks to see what we have in store and find the ideal bit for your needs. Along with chucks, we also offer chuck keys for sale online as well as SDS adaptors. Shop drill chuck keys online in the UK to get started now.

Why Choose Ruwag?

Ruwag offers users a complete range of the highest quality drill bits to take on any project with confidence. We have over 30 years of drilling experience.

It is important for us to offer high quality drill bits at a competitive price, by striving to offer the best Price / Quality ratio in the market. By comparing the quality of the drill bits to the price payable, Ruwag wants to be unbeatable.


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