Metal & HSS Drill Sets

Metal & HSS Drill Sets

Browse our extensive range of metal drill bit sets, which have been purposefully designed for highly effective drilling through metal. Our drill bit sets come in collections ranging from 5 pieces to 51 pieces, and contain a variety of sizes of drill bits for any job at hand.

Our collection is perfect for tradesmen as well as those looking to do a bit of household DIY, with sets including cobalt metal drill sets, industrial metal drill sets, titanium metal drill sets and a variety of combination drill sets that include drill bits for drilling into metal, masonry and wood.

For those looking for drill bits for big multi-material projects, we suggest our Drill & Bit combination set or our 25 piece industrial metal, wood and power bit drill sets, but for smaller projects, our 5 piece industrial metal drill set may be better suited. 

If you have any questions such as “what is the best metal drill bit set” or “which is the best combination drill bit set?”, feel free to ask us on our live chat, where we’re here to answer your drill bit set related questions. 

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Metal/HSS Drill Bit selection chart

By matching the correct metal or HSS drill bit to the intended application, you will ensure you’ve got the best metal drill bit for the job, and also maximise the life of the metal bit. See our metal drill bit selection chart below:

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  Plastics Aluminium Copper Brass Bronze Plain Carbon Steel Cast Iron Stainless Steel
Standard Metal    
Industrial Metal    
Turbo Metal  


How to select a Metal/HSS Drill Bit & Drilling Through Metal

Watch the video below to find out more about the different types of drill bits for metal, and see the difference between our metal drill bits to assist you in choosing the correct drill bit for drilling through metal. You will also see the most effective procedure for drilling through metal.

Buy HSS drill bit sets online at Ruwag and stock up on drill bits for drilling through metal. Sets are the best way to get a variety of sizes in one pack, without having to purchase them separately. Our sets range from smaller 5-piece sets all the way to extensive 25-piece sets, with a wide variety of sizes available, from 1-13mm. Our metal drill bit sets online shop also offers sets of multi-purpose drill bits that can be used to drill through metal, masonry and wood. Whatever type of project you’re planning, you’re sure to find what you need in our collection.

Shop Metal Drill Bit Sets Online

Browse our collection to shop HSS drill bit sets online in the UK that give you all the bits you need for your project. We’ve got a selection of sets designed for a variety of metals, from hard metals such as cast iron and stainless steel to other metals such as carbon steel, copper, bronze, brass, and aluminium. Buy a titanium drill bit set online, or try standard metal bit sets, industrial bit sets, cobalt bit sets or cobalt drill bit sets. View our full range to shop metal drill bit sets online in the UK now.


What are the best drills for metal and how do you know with one to choose? A basic rotary drill will work for the majority of metal projects. It is important to choose the right drill bits for metal, too. This will come down to the type of metal you are drilling into and the type of project you are going to be doing. For regular drilling, use standard metal bits. For heavy-duty drilling, use industrial bits as they are stronger. For sheet metal, use step drill bits. Whichever you choose, the best drill bits for metal are always made of quality HSS (High Speed Steel).

What is the best type of drill bit for steel, you may be wondering? While plain carbon steel is extremely strong, stainless steel is even stronger. Metal drill bits are designed to drill through certain types and strengths of metal. All metal drill bits will drill through plain carbon steel. To drill through stainless steel, however, you will need a turbo bit or a cobalt bit. Using a bit that is not made for steel will quickly wear or damage your bit. Choose a turbo or cobalt bit and you’ll have the best drill bit for steel.

Wondering which are the best HSS drill bits for drilling through metal? Short for High Speed Steel, HSS drill bits are specially designed to get through metals ranging from aluminium to stainless steel. HSS bits come in a few different types - standard, industrial, titanium, turbo, and cobalt. Step drill bits are also included in the HSS range. The type of bit you will need will depend on the metal you are drilling through. The simplest way to find the best HSS drill bits for your project is to use a selection chart that outlines each metal drill bit and its use.

Can you drill hardened steel? Do you need special drill bits for this or can you use any drill bit? You can certainly drill through hardened steel and even the toughest stainless steel. The only way to achieve this is to choose a drill bit that is made specifically to get through this type of metal. A masonry bit or multi-purpose bit will end up breaking if you try to use it to drill into stainless steel. The best type of bit to use for hardened steel is a turbo bit or a cobalt bit. Both of these metal drill bits are coated in extra-hard materials and have a split point that prevents wandering.

A question we are often asked is, “Which is better - titanium or black oxide drill bits?” The answer to this comes down to the material you are drilling into and the application of the drill bit. For harder and softer metals, your best bet is a black oxide bit. They are made by heating HSS metal, which means they have a good heat resistance. Titanium bits can be used on various materials, including metal and plastics. They are made from titanium-coated HSS. As such, they are generally longer-lasting and strong with a good performance rating. Choosing between titanium or black oxide drill bits, therefore, depends on your preference.