Why Your Toolbox Needs Multi-Material Drill Bits

Posted on by Ruwag UK

Why Your Toolbox Needs Multi-Material Drill Bits

Whether you’re a fairly new DIYer or you regularly tackle renovation projects of all sizes, having a set of multi-material drill bits is essential. When it comes to drill bits, having bits that can serve multiple purposes allows you to get a lot done. It also saves you a lot in costs, as you can use a single bit for a variety of projects, instead of stocking up on many different bits that all give you much the same results. Thanks to their ability to drill through wood, brick, plaster and plastic, multi-material drill bits are easily the most versatile of all drill bits.

Why are these handy bits a must for your toolbox and what benefits do these drill bits have to offer? Let’s take a look.

Why Multi-Material Drill Bits are a Must-Have

Here are just a few reasons to stock up on a set or two of multi-material drill bits.

They are versatile

The biggest benefit of these bits is their versatility. If you want a bit that can do it all (or at least do a lot), this bit will see you through a huge variety of projects. As they can be used on many different materials, including wood, plaster and brick, they are ideal for doing basic renovations and DIY tasks. They can drill holes in the wall for hanging photos. They can be used in woodworking projects to make shelves. They can be used to replace door handles or other fixtures. They can be used for fitting cabinets. Having a set of bits in assorted sizes will make it easy to complete a variety of projects without the need for additional bits.

They are easy to use

With a centring tip and a basic fluted design, these bits are easy to use, even if you’re new to using your cordless drill. You don’t need a lot of experience using specialised bits. As long as you follow standard guidelines, you will get results. This includes making sure that the bit is aligned properly, making a pilot hole before drilling, never using too much force, always using the right size for the hole you are drilling, and making sure that the bit is safe to use on the material you are drilling.

They are durable

These bits are durable and long-lasting, as long as you look after them properly. One of the many reasons to avoid using too much pressure when you drill is that it increases the risk of drill bits breaking. Using your bits carefully, cleaning them after use, choosing trusted brands to ensure quality, and looking for bits made from material such as carbide will all make sure that your bits last.

They are inexpensive

Although we never recommend using price as your main guide when choosing drill bits, price is one thing to consider. These bits are not very expensive, as they are not specialised or made for industrial or commercial use. You can shop for individual bits or get more value by buying a set that includes assorted sizes. The important thing here is to choose bits that are high-quality, without costing a huge amount. 

They are convenient

Last, but certainly not least, these bits are super convenient. When you are in the middle of a project that requires drilling brick and wood, for example, it’s not always practical to have to switch between two types of bit. Having a single bit that can get through wood as well as brick will save you a lot of time and effort. A set of multi-material bits in different sizes will make things even easier, meaning that you have a choice of sizes ready to be used as you work. This means less wasted time and more efficiency, whatever project you are tackling.

At Ruwag, we offer premium quality multi-material drill bits at affordable prices, giving you all the benefits of these versatile, easy-to-use bits.