Which Drill Bit is Best for Drilling Glass?

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Which Drill Bit is Best for Drilling Glass?

Selecting the right drill bit for drilling glass is essential. With this type of material, you don’t want to risk using the wrong bit. Glass is fragile yet surprisingly tough to drill through. It is not always the easiest material to work with, meaning that you will need a drill bit that is able to make clean holes without the risk of glass shattering as you work. The best drill bits for glass include glass and tile bits and diamond core bits. You can also use a ceramic tile bit for glass. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at each type to see why these are the ideal drill bits for drilling glass.

Choosing the Right Drill Bit for Glass

In our guide to drilling holes into glass, we briefly touched on recommended bits. This guide includes helpful tips that make it easier to know what to do to get the best results. Today, we’ll tell you more about the benefits of each type of bit when working with glass. 

Glass and tile bits

Glass and tile bits have a spade shape design, with a pointed profiled tungsten carbide tip. It can easily get through glass, as well as light and medium-wear glass tiles used for bathroom walls or simple DIY projects. One of the benefits of this bit is that it makes smooth edges without the risk of splintering or shattering. The spade-type design also makes it easier to work with the glass you are drilling. 

Ceramic tile bits

Ceramic tile bits can also be used for glass tile, even though these bits are more commonly used for solid tiles. They have an asymmetrical carbide tip that can easily drill through porcelain and ceramic tiles. Unlike standard twist bits are unable to drill through tile glaze, asymmetrical carbide drill bits can easily break through without damage. If you are drilling heavier glass pieces or tiles, these bits can be an option to use.

Diamond core bits

Diamond core bits are the best choice for glass. With a diamond cutting edge, these bits can get through the thickest glass cleanly and smoothly. If you have thick glass windows, glass surfaces, glass tiles in your kitchen or bathroom or even industrial glass workpieces, this bit will get the job done in no time. They can also be used for drilling through sea glass or other smaller jobs. 

If you’re looking for more advice on drilling holes in glass and tile, this demonstration video will show you exactly how it’s done. At Ruwag, our goal is to provide you with the best quality drill bits for every project and material. Browse our full range to find glass drill bits and many other bits available to order online.