How to Use an SDS Chisel

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How to Use an SDS Chisel

Wondering how to use an SDS chisel? Mainly used in the construction industry, these drill bits offer a highly effective way to get through extremely tough materials such as masonry. They are commonly used to break through concrete, strip tiles or plaster, remove walls, restore joints, clear reinforcements, and complete other adjustment tasks. As their name suggests, these chisels are made specifically for SDS drills or drills that use an SDS chuck adaptor. Knowing how to use an SDS chisel is the best way to get maximum results from this type of bit. In this guide, we’ll share some tips on how to get started.

A Guide to Using an SDS Chisel

Here are a few guidelines on using an SDS chisel for your project.

Choose your tool

First things first, you will need to use the right tool for the job. As we mentioned earlier, you will need an SDS drill to use any type of SDS drill bit. SDS is short for Slotted Drive System. This type of drill is mainly used in the construction industry, due to its ability to handle heavy-duty drilling. Their unique design allows you to use the drill in three different modes - rotary, hammer and rotary/hammer. When working with tough materials such as concrete or masonry, having more control over your tool settings makes it easier to work using a single drill. When using chisel bits, rotary hammer drills are the most suitable tool as they allow you to get through material without using excessive force. It’s also important to note that a high-quality drill from a trusted brand is essential. Using a cheap, poor-quality drill can ruin your bits, material and tool.

Select a chisel

Once you’ve got the right tool for the job, it’s time to choose the right chisel. There are several types of chisel bits made for SDS drills. These include flat, pointed, tile, wide and gouging chisels. Each type is designed for different purposes. Depending on your project, you will need to choose a chisel that can get the job done easily without damaging your bits or drill. Flat chisels are used for a variety of construction projects. Our flat chisel bit collection includes SDS-Plus Standard Flat Chisels, SDS-Plus Professional Flat Chisels, SDS-Max Professional Chisels, as well as SDS-Plus Industrial Chisels, which have extra-hard self-sharpening edges that work through concrete and other hard materials quickly with less chance of jamming. Pointed chisels have a high level of accuracy, with less risk of jamming. Our pointed chisel bit range includes SDS-Plus Standard Pointed Chisels, SDS-Plus Industrial Pointed Chisels, SDS-Plus Professional Pointed Chisels, and SDS-Max Professional Pointed Chisels. Tile chisels are designed to lift tiles, break through wall and floor tiles and remove tiles easily. Our tile chisel bit range includes SDS-Plus Industrial Tile Chisels and SDS-Plus Professional Tile Chisels. Our SDS-Max Professional Wide Chisels clean and remove roughcasting and dirt, and clear concrete residue from masonry. For cutting channels in masonry, we have SDS-Max Professional Gouging Chisels. These chisels are self-sharpening, with a curved design and a hardened, heat-treated tip. 

Start chiselling

To use this type of bit, attach it to your SDS drill and set your drill to hammer mode. For flat and wide bits, choose the bit you need to use, select the right size and start working. Make sure that you work with the drill rather than trying to force the drill. A rotary hammer drill will get the job done without excessive force. Apply enough pressure to maintain proper contact with the surface but avoid pushing the drill once you have made contact. Using too much pressure increases the risk of broken bits. It can also pose a serious safety hazard if you lose control over the drill as you work. For SDS tile chisel bits, make sure that you go carefully, clearing away any debris as you work to prevent binding. For chiselling paths, starting with a smaller bit can make it easier to make channels the right size. As with any drilling project, always ensure that you follow strict safety protocols. Wear protective clothing, eye protection, gloves and dust masks. Work carefully at all times. 

We hope this guide to SDS chisels has given you more understanding of how these useful bits work. For a wide range of high-quality SDS chisels, Ruwag has all the bits you need in one place.