Essential Safety Tips for Using SDS Chisels

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Essential Safety Tips for Using SDS Chisels

For heavy drilling of materials such as brick, concrete and other types of masonry, SDS chisels are needed. These powerful drill bits are designed to tackle even the toughest of tasks and materials, making them ideal for construction and renovation work. While there’s no doubt that these bits get the job done, they can pose numerous safety risks if not used properly, causing injury and other serious hazards. 

In this guide, we’re sharing some tips on how to use your SDS chisels safely, so that you can get the best results with peace of mind knowing as you work.

A Guide to Using SDS Chisels Safely

Some of the most important SDS chisel safety tips include the following:

  • Be aware of the weight. Practising before you start work is the best way to be aware of the weight of these drills as well as the bits. This will reduce the risk of injury if you drop the chisel mid-drilling.
  • Read selection charts carefully. You will not be able to drill through extremely tough concrete or stainless steel with a standard chisel, for example. If you need to do heavy-duty work, you will need to use a chisel that can handle extremely hard materials without the risk of breaking, slipping or other problems.
  • Store chisels properly. All drill bits should be stored properly in order for them to last and maintain their performance rating. Proper storage should include somewhere safe in a cool, dry place. Bits should be cleaned after use, too, to avoid any lingering dust or debris staying on the bit.
  • Always work in a safe environment. Whether you’re doing home renovations or planning a construction project, working in a safe environment is crucial. Make sure that surfaces are level, avoid working near wires or other hazards and be aware of your surroundings as you work. Be extra careful to avoid working near people or pets as flying concrete and brick particles can cause injury.
  • Wear proper safety gear at all times. As usual, basic safety measures such as wearing the right clothing and gear are vital. SDS drills are powerful tools and with that in mind, you need to follow strict safety protocols. Wear safety glasses, thick gloves, dust masks, work boots, and clothing or anything else that cannot easily get in the way while you work. 

If you work carefully and keep safety top of mind at all times, you’ll get the best from your chisels, making it easy to complete a huge range of construction projects, from tile removal all the way to breaking down walls.

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