Are Drill Bit Sets Universal?

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Are Drill Bit Sets Universal?

If you’re shopping around for drill bit sets, you may be wondering whether you need a single set of universal bits that can be used for every type of project. While multi-purpose bits can be used for many different materials, the majority of bits are designed for specific materials and projects. A set of wood drill bits, for example, would be very different to a masonry drill bit set. If you do a lot of basic DIY around the house, a universal multi-purpose drill bit set will be extremely useful, allowing you to do a variety of tasks. Another thing to consider is whether the drill bits themselves work in your drill. Some bits may require chucks to make sure that they can be used in your drill.  

Specialised vs Universal Drill Bit Sets

What are universal drill bit sets exactly, and how do they compare to specialised bit sets? Will all drill bits work in your drill? What else do you need to know about sets? Here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing the best set for your drill and your needs.

What are universal bits?

Simply put, these bits are made to be used in any type of drill. Universal bits are often used to describe multi-purpose bits. In most cases, the term refers to bits that do not need any shank or adapter to be used in your drill. 

What material am I drilling?

One of the first things to note is the material you are drilling. As we mentioned above, this will determine the type of set you need. Multi-purpose bits can be used to drill into clay brick as well as many types of metal, including aluminium, copper, brass, and bronze. These bits are precision ground, with a tungsten carbide tip that adds to their strength. If you’re looking for bits that can do a lot of tasks. If you’re drilling concrete, steel or cast iron, you will need stronger bits, such as HSS bits. These allow you to drill clean holes without the risk of breaking your bits. Multi-purpose bits can be used on wood, but in many cases, it is best to get a set made for your project. This could be making simple holes, enlarging holes or making larger holes. 

What drill am I using?

If you are using a standard drill, bits will fit, whether they are specialised or multi-material bits. If you are using an SDS drill, on the other hand, you will need SDS bit sets. Slotted Drive System (SDS) bits are designed to work in SDS drills, which have a shank that prevents slipping. These bits lock into the drill head and have a different design from other bits. If you want to use regular bits in your SDS machine, you will need an SDS chuck adaptor. This will allow you to use any type of bit you need, whether it is a general-purpose bit or a bit made for glass, tile, metal, masonry, plastic or wood.

What else do I need to know when choosing a set?

The most important thing to know, whether you are getting universal or SDS sets, is that quality makes all the difference. Investing in a quality set of bits will ensure that you have a selection of bits in assorted sizes, all made to last. Buying a cheap set made from poor-quality materials will not give you decent results. Investing in a set that is made from durable materials such as carbide will always deliver good results. You will be able to use your bits for a variety of projects, with a selection of sizes to suit your needs. 

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